Paul Klee, Beiträge zur bildnerischen Formlehre, BF/160
Die göttliche Tragik

This assault was made on the colour circle at violet..                Violence fut faite au cercle chromatique à l'endroit du violet

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Now 1 and 7 coincide, and the place we were worrying about is simply called violet.
This cosmic concept of pure colours has found its appropriate representation in the circle.
The rainbow, the terrestrial manifestation of pure colours, was a mere reflection of a hitherto unknown totality, the transcendent whole that we have now produced by synthesis.
The colour circle is now before us.
Or in reverse we may see violet as the breach made by the power which humanises and transforms the things of God to show them to us.
This assault was made on the colour circle at violet.
The colour circle stretched and tore;
a column of coloured points marched off,
and that was the rainbow.

Paul Klee Notebooks,
Edited by Jurg Spiller, translated by Ralph Manheim, Percy Lund, Humphries & Co., Ltd, London, 1961