The History of the world commonly called the Naturall Historie of C. Plinius Secundus
translated into english by Philemon Holland
London, Printed by Adam Islip

Book II, Chap.59
Those wee call Rainbowes, are seen often without any wonder at all,
or betokening any great matter :
for they portend not so much as rainy or faire daies, to trust upon.

Book II, Chap.62
ln Italie, about Locri and the lake Velinus, there is not a day but a Rainbow is seene.

Book XII, Chap.52
There goeth a common speech, That every plant over which the rainbow is seene bent, will cast the same sent that Aspalathus doth : but if it chaunce that the rainbow settle over Aspalathus, then it will yeeld a sweet savour incomparable, and such as cannot be expressed.

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