fig I.1
fig I.5
fig I.22
fig I.44
fig I.47
fig II.8 fig II.11
fig I.2 version 1
fig I.2 version 2
fig I.2 version 3
fig I.2 version 4
fig I.2 version 5
fig I.2 version 6
fig I.2 version 7
fig II.14 fig III.1 fig III.8 fig IV.3 fig IV.5 fig IV.11 fig IV.15
fig IV.16
fig VI.1
fig VI.20
fig VI.29
fig VI.28
fig VI.33
fig XI.31
fig XI.38
fig XI.39
fig XIII.1
fig XIII.7
fig XIII.7
fig XIII.10
fig XIII.11
fig XIII.13
fig XIII.15
fig XIII.14
fig XIII.16
fig XIII.17
fig XIII.17, deuxième version
fig XIII.18

                                             Sur la dernière page :  N°39.    The Book of Euclid, from his mss copies of Al Hajaj and Thabit, comprising fifteen treatises, with four hundred sixty eight diagrams, according to the copy of Thabit.  The most elegant .... for sir John Murray.
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