Wiccan Symbols

The prime symbol of the 'Old Religion' of Wicca as established by Gerald Gardner et al and further developed by Alex and Maxine Sanders, is the pentagram. This symbol has become almost ubiquitous amongst neo-pagans, wiccans or otherwise and a number of other pages on this site have pentagram pendants and rings and detail the history and the meaning of the pentagram

 On this page are symbols more specific to Wicca and wiccan initiation. The inverted pentagram, symbol of second degree initiation, has more sinister connotations for many, particularly in the USA where it is associated with Satanism and where even the upright pentagram is generally misunderstood and displayed or worn at some risk. Here, the inverted pentagram is associated with its true amuletic use for the initiate who is still in the process of learning to bring the 'elements' of matter into subservience to the spirit and to the will.

The circled pentacle has at it's centre the eight-armed cross signifying the divisions of the year marked by the Sabbats. 
The two crescent moons and the circle represent the waxing (maiden) moon, the full (mother) moon and the waning (crone) moon - the 'triple goddess' of primordial nature. 
The symbols on the lower points of the pentagram stand for the two god aspects - the horned god and the god of 'death', of the underworld. 
The two S shapes are the spiralling opposite and balancing snakes of the caduceus - of yin and yang - the dual forces of positive and negative or male and female. 
The three X crosses represent the three anointings of initiation, of the breasts and of the genitals.
Gardnerian Pentacle
A pendant photo-engraved on a disc of solid sterling silver. Can also be made in other sizes.
Inverted Pentagram Second Degree Initiation.
The pentagram symbolising the elements, four of tangible matter - Earth, Water, Air and Fire and the fifth - the quintessential - of spirit or of will; here the pentagram is inverted and the spirit and the the will are subservient to matter. The earthly forces - four against one - are in power, It is for the second degree initiate to learn to right that domination/imbalance in his own nature; to gain spiritual control and the control of Will over the bonds of matter.
Triangle and pentagram Third Degree Initiation.
The triangle and the pentagram are righted. The Will has learned the control of the body and of the four earthly elements - of material desires - and the spirit is liberated to explore and to interact with the supernal triangle of the higher self, the planes of consciousness that lead a little closer to the supreme being - the godhead within oneself. 
It is for the third degree initiate to learn to explore those paths and to interact with such higher (and lower) beings as may be encountered there. The first two initiations were concerned with the Body and the Will of Mind. Harnessing the sexuality and the will in the sexual union of the Great Rite opens a way to the universes of the Spirit.