The Pendulum Oracles are the perfect way for anyone to access universal knowledge.
Pendulum Oracle Pendulum Oracle 
Contact your higher self using the Pendulum Oracle for Instant Answers
Pentagram Oracle
The Pentagram Oracle is the ideal divination tool for the magical at heart.
Pentagram Oracle
Angel Oracle Angel Oracle
Consult the wisdom of your guardian angel for guidance with the Angel Pendulum Oracle
Love Finder
Find Your Love
Love Finder
Health Compass
Confused by so many choices?  Find the vitamins, supplements or service your body needs by activating your natural biological compass.
I Ching Oracle
Use the power of the ancient Chinese Oracle.
I Ching Oracle

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Our tools, specifically the pendulums and the target boards are intentionally monochromatic (without color). The use of color introduces the frequency or vibration of the color used.  Color is a form of radiation and is the key component used in color therapy.  The color charts in the Love Finderô are mixtures of all colors which equal white light.

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