Oxford, Bodleian, MS Pococke 368
Bodleian Library, MS Pococke 368.
Isaac ben Elijah ben Aaron ha-Kohen of Syracuse

Late fifteenth century, Byzantine semicursive script.

folios 7v à 14r : Quelques figures des livres I à VI.

Ff. 194v–98v and 200r–202v contain extracts on astronomy and mathematics. Malachi Beit-Arie´  suggests that some of the extracts may be by Isaac ben Elijah Kohen, noting that the author of these same extracts also refers to his commentary on Euclid, which Beit-Arie´  implies might be Isaac’s text on intersecting lines reported above (Oxford, BodleianMS Mich. 400, ff. 39–44).
Isaac ha-Kohen’s Letter to Marco Lippomano: Jewish-Christian Exchange and Arabic Learning in Renaissance Italy, by Daniel Stein Kokin