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Below are small, "thumb-nail" versions of four digitized images taken from the Bodleian Library's slide collection of manuscripts. By clicking on the appropriate images, the larger, higher resolution versions can be brought to the client's computer. Three methods of viewing each image are provided in order to examine their relative merits. By using an "external viewer" the user can manipulate the image with the tools provided by the viewer used by the client software. (Although the GIF and JPEG files are approximately the same size, the JPEG files are potentially of greater quality, being more highly compressed and capable of handling 24-bit colour.)

If the image is viewed as an in-line image in an HTML file, it can be presented more in the manner of traditional paper publications with accompanying annotation, but also with hypertext links to other documents, etc. However, modern browsers will usually view all forms in-line, rather than spawning an external viewer. In this case, if they wish to take advantage of the tools provided with an external viewer, they should download the image first.

The four images are taken from a collection of approximately 30,000 35mm slides of iconography from manuscripts held in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, United Kingdom. The GIF images were converted from JPEG images that had been processed, using Adobe Photoshop, from Photo-CD images produced from the original 35mm slides: they have been compressed approximately 10-fold from their original file sizes.

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More Bodleian Images in JPEG format

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